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Teenagers should not starve for “thigh gaps”

By: Courtney Dunn

Central High School

A thigh gap is space between someone’s legs near the thigh area. The increased gaze on this body type came from girls who commonly associate being skinny with beauty. They most likely noticed celebrities who have a gap themselves and connected that skinny means having that gap. Is the gap good or bad? Well, it would actually depend on the girl’s body.

A variety of media has spotlighted this beauty ideal. Seventeen covered the issue in August of this year, linking blog site Tumblr as a source for the issue spreading. Over the top of the  “thighgap” hashtag itself, Tumblr has placed  a statement asking people to call for help if they know anything about the phenomenon. Other web sites put reminders to people to contact help hotlines, and some have whole blogs meant to prevent the gap from spreading.

The argument for thigh gaps is that a girl can have one, but only if it’s natural. That means, the girl in question has a gap, but only genetically, or because their metabolism prevents them from gaining the extra pounds. Are they unhealthy? No, not at all? Do they like that they have a gap? Not all girls with a natural gap like it, and as a person who has a gap (only when standing), I honestly despise it deeply, and would feel guilty if a girl at the mall looked at my thighs or physique and think that they should get my gap.

The argument against thigh gaps is when a girl wants a thigh gap, and starves herself in order to achieve it. Is this unhealthy? Yes it is. Does it harm them? Definitely so. The consequences from starving themselves would cause malnutrition, which causes your body to eat itself from the inside out to keep itself going. What does that cause? Not only would you most likely get sick easier due to spare nutrients being gone from starving yourself, it could cause your stomach to bloat as an after effect, which makes it worse if you’re trying to become skinny.

What is the best advice on the issue? For the people who are actively trying to get a gap:  You don’t need the gap. If anything, instead of another pic of your legs to celebrate losing pounds, take a pic of you eating a hot dog or cake slice, to celebrate no longer putting yourself at harm to achieve a false idea of beautiful. Or go exercise. Be happy with what body you have, and flaunt it.

To someone who knows a person who’s trying to get a thigh gap, try to peacefully talk them out of it. Appeal to either their health by telling the negatives of starving themselves, or their idea of celebrity beauty by showing a pic of a curvy celebrity (be careful, as this might not work as well). Let’s try and find a way to fix the issue without insults and harassment but with reasoning peacefully.


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