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Studio Killers: A Virtual Band Debut

By Courtney Dunn

Central High School

By now, we’ve all heard of a virtual band before.  At one point we heard ‘Clint Eastwood’ by Gorillaz, and listened to them for years as they put out songs like ‘Dare’ and ‘Feel Good Inc..’ But recently, a new group came out, and as of now is forming a steady fan base. The name is Studio Killers, and while the creators are well-hidden, the fans love the personas performing their music.

Composed of lead singer Cherry, pianist Goldie Foxx, and DJ Dyna Mink,

The group released a self-titled album back in June, but has been gaining more fans.

Their album is composed of 11 songs, with the most famous one being ‘Ode to the Bouncer,’ where Cherry tries to get into a club in a “less proper” way after trying to fight said bouncer. ‘Jenny’ is a song where Cherry admits to a crush on her long-time friend and mentions less savory information about what she’s been doing to hide her love. And ‘Eros and Apollo’is a song talking about a perfect man, who Cherry warns girls not to follow. Their tracks also consist of ‘Friday Night Guru,’ which sounds like something straight from the pop centric 80’s, and ‘Flawless,’ a mostly instrumental song.

Is it worth the download or buy? Well it depends on your tastes. While Cherry’s voice is very robust and masculine, she sings in a way that feels like an accent is present. And while they are a virtual band, the group has a mind of its own. To quote Gorillaz, Studio Killers look like they can “have a good time.” Overall, I’d give this group a 7/8, if for the slow release, as they took over two years to release their album after releasing single ‘Ode to the Bouncer.’


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