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Purity Pearls urges girls to choose abstinence

By  Sydney Harris

Central High School

In elementary school, it was the simple option to check “‘Yes’ or ‘No’ if you like me,” that young girls had to make. In middle school it was to “Would you be my girlfriend?” which caused girls to blush, while the boys demanded an answer. Now in high school, young ladies are taking the lead and committing to abstinence no longer letting boys pressure them into a choice.

One woman decided to bring awareness to abstinence but only with a twist. Dr. Tavis Wade showed interest in setting up a debutante program, but was instead approached with the idea by students in Modern Distinctive Ladies Inc. to base it on the foundations of committing abstinence for God. She named the program Purity Pearls. In the program, Wade has told girls, “God is a God of many chances. It’s never too late to start over.”

Wade also adds that girls must be prepared to make a decision. With the countless beautiful members of Purity Pearls during a meeting at the East Shelby Drive Library, one might what made them take the step into promising themselves and God that they would stay chaste until marriage? For example, was it their parents that influenced them, their pastor perhaps?

While all of them shared similar statements, the response heard most was “being different.” Members noted that they knew of classmates who were pregnant and had friends who weren’t virgins.

Of course boys and girls can have a relationship without being sexually active, but being isolated with each other for too long could potentially create the temptation of leading to sexual interaction.

“It all starts at home, and they have to think before making a serious action like that,” said member Daijah Nabors.

Another member, Jessica Cleaves, believes that “girls look for love in all the wrong places,” which makes it hard to deny a young man who claims to love them but really just has another motive.

The advice that the members and founder of Purity Pearls give to girls who believe they can’t be abstinent if they are not a virgin anymore is for them to be stubborn, but in a good way. That way, guys know who to ask and who not to ask. The girl should know that though the boy will not completely stop asking her to change her mind, but the likelihood of him asking will decrease.

According to those involved with the organization, girls who stay true to themselves and don’t give in will see how easy it is to commit to a life of purity too.

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