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My Education Matters bridges school and social media

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By Dominique Malone

White Station High School

My Education Matters is a social media campaign developed by Alisha Tillery of KQCommunications. KQ is a public relations and marketing company that helps non-profit organizations in the local community, as well as other cities. The purpose of MyEdMatters is to promote education in a positive light on social media to encourage students to do better academically. Tillery developed the project single-handedly and has encouraged students to join.

The Teen Appeal recently sat down with Daphne Warren, a German teacher at White Station High School, who is an active participant in the program.

 What is My Education Matters, in your opinion?

MyEdMatters is a program where students are given an opportunity to have a voice about education in their lives. Also, they learn to know their options and make decisions about excelling in their careers.

What is your role in the program?

My role is to be a supportive vector and available whenever the students are in need of guidance or feedback.

Could you tell me your educational background?

I attended elementary and junior high school in Germany; junior high school in Germany starts in fifth grade and ends in ninth grade. I moved to America and attended Woodale High School for two years. I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Memphis. I will receive my master’s degree this winter.

How long have you been involved with social media and KQCommunications?

I have been involved with social media and KQ for a little over a year now.

Have you participated in the program or supervised? If you participated, on what social media site and what did you post?

I posted an article about technology in the classroom during January. The article was linked to teachers at different schools via email.

Have you met any of the students involved in the My Education Matters program?

Yes, I have met several of the students involved in the program from White Station and other schools as well.

The Teen Appeal also spoke with one of the students involved, Brandon Rodgers, a sophomore at Whitehaven High School.

How long have you been participating in My Education Matters?

 I have been participating in MyEdMatters for 10 months now.

Do you enjoy encouraging and sharing educational things on social media?

 I really enjoy sharing the various things that go on at my school.

 How did you become involved in the program?

 I became involved in MyEdMatters through the Student Envoy Project, which is a board wide leadership program.

 How would you summarize My Education Matters and what does it mean to you?

 MyEdMatters is a positive network of students who share and display news, ideas, projects, classroom activities, and events that go on in our schools through social media outlets.

 What do you want to receive from the program, in terms of knowledge?

 I hope to gain ideas, positive feedback, and acknowledgements from other students, teachers, principals, parents, and personnel. You never know who is viewing your post. It could be the superintendent, investors in education, or reporters from local news stations.

 MyEdMatters is a growing program that will likely branch out to other schools, not just in Memphis. The program can be accessed on any social media outlet by using the hashtag #MyEdMatters.

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