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Is City of Bones just another Twilight?

By  Jalen Williams

Southwind High School

Although the plot is similar to Twilight, it offers so much more. Love, violence, bloodshed, and secrets are the main ideas for this movie. Based off the original book The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, this movie already had an unbelievable following before it was ever announced.

The movie begins with a questionable note found by Clary’s mother. Like any other teenager, Clary and her friend Simon go seeking out fun in a club called Pandemonium. She has her sights on a guy eyeing her from across the room,only for him to be lured away by a pale mistress. She follows them both to soon see him murdered by the woman and two mysterious men.

After this event, everything falls out of perspective for Clary. She starts to see symbols which do not make sense to her. Paranoia sets in when she begins to see one of the two mysterious men while out with Simon the next day. The strange part is only she can see him. While she is out, her mother is attacked at home by another set of large men. Clary races to the rescue only to find her home completely ransacked and her mother missing.

In this film, Clary has many battles to face, with the first being a demon dog left in her home after her mother is taken. She also finds out her lineage to  a long line of Shadowhunters or people who hunt demons and evil beings.

Fast forwarding into the movie, Clary comes to terms with her new-found destiny as a Shadowhunter and learns of the history of how they came from Hodge.

The journey to find her mother is not an easy one. She has to go through many lost memories to pinpoint a location.. Everything becomes more real when she finds out her mom has been lying about who her father is. It makes her doubt what things in her life that she thought were truly real. The first hour of the movie begins is confusing but it  quickly picks up with an interesting fight against several creatures after rescuing a friend in distress.

Things start to heat up between the main character and her Shadowhunter counterpart Jace on the day of her birthday, but it sparks controversy between her, Jace, and Simon. After going to get help from a witch Clary is close with, the women turns into a goblin-like beast after they retrieving a Cup. Simon saves the day and the witch is killed. They take back the Cup, but Alec, the other male Shadownhunter, is injured in the process.

Their mentor Hodge betrays them all and gives the Cup to the enemy, who is Clary’s father, in order to save their race. To escape from him, she jumps through a portal leading to an unknown place. Later, the truth comes out. Jace and Clary are actually siblings. Clary’s mom was right under their nose the whole time when Isabella and Simon find her within the institute she has been staying in.

The ending is so shocking even I almost spilled my popcorn, bull I’ll save that for your trip to the movies. City of Bones is a two-hour long action-filled emotional whirlwind anyone of any age or gender could not resist. City of Bones hit the box office Aug. 21. It’s worthy of a visit to the theater. I gave it two thumbs up!

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