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Stewart wins Memphis photography contest

Ever seen this before? Neither had I, until today. It’s exciting to discover new things in places you’ve lived your entire life.

Ever seen this before? Neither had I, until today. It’s exciting to discover new things in places you’ve lived your entire life.

By  Ariel Stewart

East High School

Editor’s Note: The City of Memphis Office of Youth Services and the Memphis Tourism Foundation partnered to offer Picture Memphis ‘n Summer, a summer youth photojournalism competition for area middle school students this past July.

After learning the basics and receiving a point and shoot digital camera, 12 students practiced their skills at Memphis attractions like Stax and Memphis Botanic Gardens.  

East High School ninth grader Ariel Stewart was the winner.

Teen Appeal also awarded her a spot at this year’s Lionel Linder Journalism Camp and a staff position.

The following are winning photos and her essay.

When taking these pictures, I wasn’t looking for anything specific.  I took pictures of the things that caught my eye.  I was more interested in the things that most people wouldn’t recognize or give much attention.

One of my missions (based upon given advice) was to look for life in the dullest of things.  While everyone else was taking pictures of the obvious, I strived to take pictures of the unnoticeable.  Even though some of us took pictures of the same objects, our pictures don’t resemble each other.

I was quite surprised but also proud of what I accomplished. At the beginning of the week, I believed that I needed a million dollar camera to take a million dollar picture.  Then I was informed that it’s not the camera that makes the picture.  It’s the person behind the camera that defines the worth.  So, with a completely different mind-set, I now had motivation. I was determined to use the camera given to me to the best of my ability.

The outcome of my pictures was astounding only because I set my mind to it and ended up achieving more than I thought I would. Theme : The sights we don’t see in our beloved city.


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