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Middle College welcomes back students with event

By Eboni Johnson

Middle College High School

Every year at Middle College High School, the annual back to school first Friday event is held. This year, the event was called Battle of the Classes and it took place in the Middle College High School gym.

During the Battle of the Classes, the freshmen boys defeated the senior boys in kickball, and the senior girls defeated the freshmen girls in volleyball. Also, the sophomore boys beat the senior boys in volleyball.

Besides sport activities, Battle of the Classes gave students the opportunity to get out of class, socialize, and get to know each another, as well as make new friends.

Many students reacted positively to the event.

“Yes, I very much enjoyed the event,” freshman Ronnie Johnson said. “I felt as though the event will set the stage for the rest of the year.”

“Yes, I enjoyed the battle of the classes because it was a great opportunity to interact and meet new and returning students,” sophomore Rashaun Nickleberry said. “I was very happy to get out of class and play team orientated games.”

Even upperclassmen appeared to have fun with the annual event, especially when joining younger students.

“I really enjoyed the event spending time with friends and watching students playing kickball and volleyball. I felt as though excited and entertained,” junior Ravan Sumerall said.

I enjoyed the event very much,” senior Breana Collier said.“It made me feel as though I was connecting with some of the new students and the returning students from last year.

Overall, it seems that everybody had a great time at the back to school event as students enjoyed all the activities such as volleyball and kickball.

In the end, the Battle of the Classes may have been a great event to start the school year off right.


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