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A female Memphis rap artist who doesn’t listen to rap music? Irony or motivation?

Musician Mizz Angel (left) is signed to Memphis rapper La Chat’s (right) Dime a Dozen label. Photo by Chris Marshall and Alexis G. Ditaway.

Musician Mizz Angel (left) is signed to Memphis rapper La Chat’s (right) Dime a Dozen label.
Photo by Chris Marshall and Alexis G. Ditaway.

By Chris Marshall and Alexis G. Ditaway

Hollis F. Price and Ridgeway High School

“I don’t listen to rap.” said rapper La Chat. “I’m a R&B lover. Trey Songz, Usher… They are my guys, but I am my own favorite rap artist.”

The Teen Appeal staff recently sat down with La Chat and her fellow artist Mizz Angel for an in-depth interview on her involvement with Memphis music.

La Chat has established herself as an independent artist and founder of her own label Dime a Dozen. She was once affiliated with Three 6 Mafia and a former Hypnotize Minds label-mate, who has been featured on numerous songs by artists such as Yo Gotti and UGK.

Her mixtape Krumbz 2 Brickz featured 1017 Bricsquad artists Waka Flocka Flame and Gucci Mane.

“Out of all my features, Gucci Mane was my favorite,” she said. “Everyone loves ‘Stick Em Up’ to this day.”

La Chat also brought along a member of her label, artist Mizz Angel. Mizz Angel, a 14-year-old freshman from White Station High School, talked about her plan emerging as an artist.

“When I define myself as an artist, I consider myself an entertainer,” said Mizz Angel.

“I heard from word of mouth so I looked her up,” La Chat said. “I reached out to her mother and connected with her from there. I meet with her at least two times a week. I’m teaching her the ropes of the industry.”

Both of these artists have upcoming projects in the works. La Chat plans to release Murder She Spoke 2, with features from former Three 6 Mafia member Gangsta Boo and numerous others. The project is expected to release later this year or sometime in January 2014. Mizz Angel also plans on releasing her debut project, Angel Dust, under La Chat’s Dime a Dozen label.

While the 20-year-age difference may be an issue between the two, both have the same goal: leaving a legacy for the city of Memphis.

So what legacy would La Chat want to leave?

“Being remembered as a humble person, who never left her city… Even when I go out of town, I always come back home to Memphis. I’m never leaving,” the artist said.

Mizz Angel’s response?

“I want to show people that you can follow and reach your dreams and that you can make it big out of Memphis.”

Both La Chat and Mizz Angel are growing within themselves and as artists. And both of these ladies are living proof that Memphis music, no matter what genre or time, still matters.


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